Monday, June 29, 2009

Pink rabbit

One last share bear for today: One of my favourite images... I think the photographer was called Fabian Pawell, will let yáll know as the artist needs proper kudos.

I think I am beginning to get bloggy fever! more soon. x

more loveliness:

Have loved Belle and boo for ever so long! Have a peek at her etsy shop and website too xx

Joy makers to visit:

Illustration loveliness

I discovered Hidden Eloise on Etsy and regularly swoon over the prettiness of her drawings. please visit her site and her etsy shop. More on etsy tomorrow...

dolls with souls...

Tea party x

dolls with souls...

kimono and Fuschia dolls

dolls with souls...

Minerva the mermaid of moonlight.

faerie and pixie dolls...

dolls with souls

Something that is a lot of fun for me is doll making. My favourite moment is when the soul of the little character reveals itself and i meet them for the first time. Most of the dolls I make have been commissioned and intuitively made for a client, I get a strong sense of the character needed for the person it will belong to, i usually ask for a few personal details to help me out. Please enjoy the images of some of the dolls I've made over the years... If you happen to feel like asking me to make you a special intuitively made little friend that would be my pleasure, email me on

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sharing the joy!

Welcome to my first ever post! I am Jessica Berry- the artist behind the label Knippen. Knippen is Dutch for 'snip'or more specifically 'to cut with scissors'. I have been handy with the scissors since kindergarten, Knippen celebrates over 25 years of make and do. Make and do is what I've always done, for me the creative process is pure joy. Working as a creative facilitator is also joyful for me as sharing the joy is even better ;o) What brings you joy? why not share it around today? Each of us was created beautifully to contribute individually to the song of the whole.xx more soon